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Are you seeking employment? Applying for roles online and getting a mixed response? Confused on how to draft an effective CV? Read on….

My previous experience was gained as an Accountant (ACA Trained) within various industries. I have since been within the recruitment industry and have been providing consultative advice on CV’s, Interview techniques and career planning tips to candidates ranging from Junior to Senior level staff.  

I have dealt with many businesses, ranging from instantly recognisable brands through to small start up’s within the Media, FMCG and Retail space.

In my years of recruiting experience I can understand it can get extremely confusing on how to draft the perfect CV, Some advisers say 2 pages is the maximum, some say you have to write a convincing profile, some say you need to summarise everything and keep detail to a minimum. The list continues.

Due to the frustrations of nearly all my candidates that I have worked with, we were honoured when we got assigned to write an article on CV presentation in the NQ magazine (Newly qualified magazine) a sister magazine to the hugely popular PQ magazine.

You can read this article online via the following link:

It summarises the importance of drafting an effective CV and some tips on achieving a document that easy to read and most importantly brings out your best qualities.

Hopefully after reading this you will think twice about submitting a Sub-Standard CV in response to an online advert or responding directly to a client.

Lets take an example to really make this point hit home.

Let’s take an online advert, you are one applicant out of 60-70 applications. Many adverts are submitted by employment agencies, the initial challenge is making sure you get a call from the recruiter saying they will submit your CV to the client.

The biggest constraint in the recruitment market is always TIME. Recruiters need to cut the burgeoning list of applicants to a manageable number, be able to pull out relevant experiences quickly and shortlist relevant candidates.  Don’t think recruiters review all CV’s in detail, trade articles state recruiters scan, rather than read a CV in 20-30 seconds.  Ultimately, it’s you’re first impression and if you don’t take responsibility to draft an effective CV that makes an immediate impact, your application will be missed and probably end up in the recycling bin.

Assuming your agent has submitted your application, Clients’ will work with many employment agencies with each submitting 4-5 CV’s each. You can imagine the number of Cv’s this can amount to sitting on the hiring managers’ desk.

The question is.. how do you STAND OUT from all of the CV’s on the manager’s desk, who will probably all have a similar background as yourself as well as all being within a prescribed salary range?

At BlueCrest Recruitment our team of experienced technical recruiters, who having worked with many clients’ in their career, allows us to address the frustrations on their side with regards to candidates’.

We provide advice to ensure that you’re CV and interview techniques are fine-tuned, to MAXIMISE your chances of landing that dream role!

You can choose to receive either a:

15 minute Telephone consultation or choose a face to face consultation service.

*We have a very strong track record of delivering quality advice and are confident you will benefit from this service. 

We charge these very low prices as we genuinely want all candidates to be equipped with market leading knowledge that will aim to maximise your chances in the fiercely competitive job market.

A generalist CV and interview coaching company will charge over £150 for a 15 minutes telephone session and over £240 for a Face to Face session.

Most of our competitors are not specialists but generalists.  With our experience we can spot technical mistakes or advise on how to construct bullet points that correctly convey your experience. In contrast HR generalists may not have a detailed understanding about these issues. Furthermore we deal with hiring managers on a daily basis and so we have a thorough understanding of their requirements and frustrations with the recruitment process. Equipped with this knowledge, we can make sure your CV does not exhibit these errors or inconsistencies. 

One such recommendation from a candidate:

"Bluecrest were extremely helpful in helping me to improve my CV. It was a one to one consultation where all sections on the CV were covered and analysed. We discussed ways of improving it and critical analysis helped me to develop my CV to a higher standard and more towards what a potential employer would be looking for.

I would like to thank Bluecrest for really helping me on my interview techniques. It was the critical advise and analysis that was given on various things such as composure, body language, ways to approach interview questions and helpful tips on things to say to beat off the competition that were unique to my experience that really gave me the confidence to approach my next interview in a much more confident and professional manner.

Before my meeting I was lacking confidence and had a nervous approach to interviews, after their advise I was more confident and approached interviews in a much more positive and self assured manner. 

I would highly recommend them, thanks for all your help."

Please email  with the subject header “Career Consulting” for further information on how we can help you in your future career prospects.

Alternatively please select your desired session from the list below and continue to the secure Paypal website. We will be in touch within 24 hours to book in a slot that is convenient for you.

Kind regards

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CV and Interview Consulting
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